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Disasters Keep Coming in 2018

This update is being written on 10/10/2018 as Hurricane Michael hits the coast of Florida with a vengeance. The sheer number and intensity of the disasters in 2018 is amazing and also highly concerning. Please keep the people going through these terrible events in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you

After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, LA (NOLA) in 2005 a consensus was formed to help rebuild this historic city as green (sustainable) as possible. It soon became evident that municipal and large commercial buildings were being rebuilt but the beautiful and unique homes from submerged neighborhoods were not given the same attention.

Historic Green was then formed for local neighborhoods, especially the Lower 9th Ward, to get help from design and preservation experts plus volunteers from colleges and universities. It was determined that annual spring breaks were the best time slots to get help from student volunteers and these events are named “Spring Greening” events.